Let’s get started over a glass of water

My name is Caryn and Montreal Nutrition is the name I gave my private
practice.  I am a registered dietitian
with the
Ordre Professionnel des
Diététistes du Québec.  I have been
seeing patients privately since 1998. 

That is not all I do.  In the world of nutrition, I present
workshops to various organizations.  I
lead supermarket tours. I help clients clean out their refrigerators and
pantries and then replenish them with healthy foods. I’ve published articles, I have done research and now I
am starting a blog. 

When I am not doing
nutrition stuff, I am a wife and a busy mom to 3 sons.  Trevor is 6, Jason is 5 and Ian is 1 ½ years
old.  As you can see, I know how hard it
is to find balance between work and family.  

I struggle with the same
issues that many of my patients have. 
For example, the proverbial question “what should I make for dinner
tonight?” is a common issue for me.  I
try to stay active but sometimes other things come up and my workout gets put
on hold.  I believe in going with the
flow and not getting negative if I miss a workout or eat something that is
less than nutritious.  Leading a healthy
lifestyle means that when you do slip up occasionally it’s not a big deal. 

Water 013

Eating well is not really that complicated.  I admit it does take some thought and preparation but once you get the hang of it it’s pretty simple.  I want to inspire you to get back to healthy eating. I want you to start thinking about cooking and less about take out and already made meals.  I want you to ditch the 4 o’clock muffin and coffee in favour of a snack from home and a tall glass of water. 

Let’s get started right now with hydration! Remember small changes over a period of time will lead to a healthier lifestyle.  Drink one more glass of water than you would normally drink.  Drink water when you notice you are feeling sluggish and moody. You could be dehydrated and the water will perk you up.  Try it and let me know how it works.



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