See How Easily You Can Feed Your Kids

It was 2
months before the due date of my third son. 
I was nesting away in the house by myself.  I was trying to figure out if I was having
another boy or a girl (we never found out) and if I should give all the boy
clothes I’d been hoarding for 5 years away or just put them in the baby’s
dresser.  Suddenly, amidst all these cute
outfits I panicked. I was worried I would forget what to feed my other sons once
the baby arrived.  I was even more
concerned about what my husband might give them if I was otherwise occupied.

I tried to
calm down thinking to myself, that I am a dietitian and I can do something
about this!  I immediately created some
meal plans and posted them on the fridge (yes, I used to over prepare for projects
and papers in school too).  Then if I
forget what to feed them it will all be written out and my husband will have no
excuse for giving them endless meals of KD.

Feb 2010 039I sat down,
took a piece of paper, made 3 columns and started writing the kids favorite
protein choices down one column.  Then I
matched each protein with a suitable and palatable carbohydrate.  In the last column I got creative and mixed
it up with fruit and vegetable choices. 

Why am I
telling you this story now 21 months after Ian was born?  Because I still refer to this list several
times per week. Have you ever come home after a long day and just can’t think,
let alone plan a meal for your kids? 
This happens to me often.   I am very
glad I made that list.  Basically, it
just prompts me in the right direction of what I have in the fridge, what goes
well with what but most importantly what the kids will eat.  By the way, sometimes I prepare something
different for Richard and I while other times I will prepare a family
meal.  It depends on my mood and what I
feel like eating, since I am the family cook.

children’s meals, my suggestion is to make a list of all the foods your kids
love.  Add a few new ones that you would
like them to try then create a chart.  Be
sure to include a protein, grain product and vegetable for supper. Why not get
creative and serve a fruit in place of a vegetable? Match the new foods with 2
others they will definitely eat.  Don’t
fret if they reject the new food.  They
will need to be exposed to it many times before they will actually eat it. For
the time being they may just eat the 2 other foods on their plate.  That is okay! Have fun with your match
ups.  Depending on if your kids had
enough milk products during the day you may need to add a glass of milk to balance
the day out.  Otherwise get in the habit
of serving water.  Feb 2010 007


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