10 Healthy Eating Tips


  1. We all eat too much salt.  Ditch
    the salt shaker.
  2. Before eating that cake ask yourself “is this really worth the
  3. Do you really need 4 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee?
  4. Juice is NOT a fruit
  5. Brush and floss after supper! Who wants to eat junk after flossing?
  6. Feel like snacking on something sweet? 
    Eat some fruit, it has sugar in it.
  7. Need chocolate? Let an ounce of 70 % dark chocolate melt in your mouth.
  8. Low fat cheese and a crunchy apple go really well together.
  9. A steaming hot bowl of soup will help slow down those who eat
    super fast. 
  10. Drink more water!


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