Does Your Kid Know How to Cook?

Feb 2010 092My son is turning 7 tomorrow.  Trevor and his brothers Jason and Ian are
really starting to scare me. They are giving me a glimpse into my supermarket
and financial future. They eat so much and they graze all day like cows. 

Trevor is the oldest and very creative.  In the past, to get him to eat, I had to let
him help me prepare meals.  Now I just
let him make his own ultimate favorite meal whenever he wants to.  To be honest, I am lazy and I am sick of
making him scrambled eggs.  He eats this
everyday for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
He figured out how to make them on the stove by himself because he
doesn’t like the way his ’rents cook them in the microwave.  I told you, I am lazy.  He is right though they do taste better on
the stove. 

We have observed an obesity epidemic develop in our
lifetime.  There are so many theories as
to why this is.  If you are interested in
knowing more check out Dr. Sharma’s blog
One problem could be the lack of time and effort families put into
meal preparation.    It seems to me that
we are raising a generation of kids who don’t know how to cook.  If you can’t cook then it becomes difficult
to eat healthy foods.  My theory is with
the emergence of two income families, women stopped handing down their cooking
techniques and recipes to their children. 
Women don’t have enough time in the day to work, take care of their
kids, do all the housework and cook. Many women of my generation barely know
how to cook and just get by with a few recipes. 
They supplement the rest of the family meals with take out, restaurants
and prepared foods.  This meal pattern
leads to increased consumption of calories, fat, sodium and consequently weight
gain.  I think we need to get back into
the kitchen together with our husbands and learn how to cook.  My husband does not know how to cook.  Last night he got home late and I had taken
the kids to Grandma Toby’s for supper so Richard had to fend for himself.  He grabbed a tortilla and poured some pasta
sauce over it and sprinkled it with cheese and baked it for 5 minutes.  It might sound impressive but this is ALL he
knows how to make.  Nothing else! I mean
it!  Okay maybe Kraft Dinner but that
doesn’t count as food.

Feb 2010 115Back to Trevor and Jason and Ian there is no way I am
letting them grow up not knowing how to cook. 
Since they are growing boys and do eat a lot I give them the opportunity
to put together their own snacks or even have the older boys prepare snacks for
the little one.  When Trevor wants to
make his own food I always let him.  He
knows how high to turn the stove to and he stands there and cooks his eggs
until they are cooked the way he likes them. 
Yes, it is a little dangerous to let a 7 year cook at the stove.  But he is capable and I think it’s worth the
risk for the opportunity to sow the seeds for the love of cooking.  


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