Friday Finds: Natursource Sunburst Granola

March 2010 008

 I found this bag of kosher granola at my mother in law’s house.  She received it as a gift in a food basket.  I picked it up and looked at the nutrition label and knew I wanted to try it.  I read the ingredients and was able to pronounce everything so that was a good start.  It’s also low in sodium and there is no trans fat in this product.  Instead they’ve used canola which is part of a healthy group of fats called unsaturated. Don’t be afraid of the calories.  March 2010 039If you are on a weight loss diet this granola at the recommended serving of a ½ cup would keep you feeling satiated and in theory prevent you from eating something else with even more calories later on. There are always ways to incorporate healthy higher fat foods into any meal plan.

March 2010 043

I would like to bring your attention to the nutrition claims on the front and back of the package.  It says: source of energy, source of omega-3, source of omega-6, no trans fat, no cholesterol, low in saturated fat, low sodium and very high source of fibre.  Let’s be honest here, nutrition claims are a form of advertising or marketing.  However, nutrition claims are regulated by the government.  For example, this granola contains no cholesterol.  The company is allowed to write that on the package if it contains less than 2 mg of cholesterol per serving. This can be misleading because none of the ingredients contain cholesterol in the first place.  This product can have low sodium on the package because it has less than 140 grams of sodium per reference amount.  Another example of a nutrition claim is if this product has less than 6 grams of fiber they would not have been able to write “very high source of fiber”. The word “Source” means there really isn’t that much of the nutrient they are talking about in the product. “Very High Source” means there is a lot of that nutrient.  As you can see, nutrition claims can be a great “source” of information but confusing at the same time.  By the way, all of this labeling information can be found on Health Canada’s website.

March 2010 022

 As a side note, it says on the package “oven baked with apple pie flavour”.  If I wanted apple pie I would eat one. I want my granola to taste like granola not like some other food.  I was a bit skeptical of trying this because it said that.  In fact, I may not have purchased this product based on that statement.  Live and learn! This is the best granola I have ever tasted.  I get why they say it has apple pie flavor.  It is very subtle but certainly adds to the overall taste.  It contains dried apple so I guess that is where the hint of pie comes in. 

I have never seen this product before and my mother in law doesn’t know where the people who gave it to her got it from.  I checked online and the website is kind of out of date.  It looks like you can only buy it online.  If anyone knows where to get it please tell me. I want more!


One thought on “Friday Finds: Natursource Sunburst Granola

  1. Hi,

    Love your post about our products, sorry we didn’t find you sooner!

    We’ve recently fixed up our website, you can check it out at We’ll be adding a store-finder function to the site in the next several months as well. In the meantime, if you are ever curious about where to find our products, call our head office at 1-800-361-9189 – There will always be someone happy to help you find us!

    We’re in the process of re-launching our Organic granola line. We’ll have pictures and more information up on the site within the next couple of weeks.

    Keep in touch, you can find us on facebook as well.

    Cheers and thanks again for the kind words, we appreciate your enthusiasm for our products.

    Natursource Inc.

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