Caryn’s Cookbooks

A couple of
weeks ago on my Facebook fan page, I asked the question “what is your favorite
cookbook?” I was hoping for some new cookbooks to check out but the ones that
people suggested I already have. 

It’s hard
to say what my favorite cookbook is.  I
have many books and love them all for different reasons.  I have to confess that I am a cook not a
baker.  I have screwed up more baking
recipes than I can count.  The worst one
was the cheesecake that flew out of the mixing bowl and landed on the
floor.  Guests were coming and I had no
time to make more dessert so I scooped it off the floor and threw it in the
oven.  It was a little crunchy.

Baking is a
daunting science to me because if you don’t follow the recipe exactly as is it
will not turn out properly.  Cooking on
the other hand is an art.  If you have an
idea of what foods go with what then you can just be creative in the kitchen.  It doesn’t always turn out perfectly but at
least it is edible (well except for the vegetarian kishkas I made for Passover

When I was
a nutrition student we took a course about the science of cooking.  We learned about the use of baking soda and
baking powder, how to make the best scallop potatoes and other interesting
stuff.  It seems there are those who inherently
know which foods go well together and those who have no clue and really must
follow a recipe exactly as it is written. 
When we were taking this course it was painfully obvious who got it and
who didn’t.  The girl who set the kitchen
on fire did not get it. 

When I get
a new cookbook I like to sit down and read it cover to cover like a novel.  I start imagining which recipes are going to
be tasty and then I menu plan for the week. 
I choose the recipes I will make (usually about 3 new ones) and then pick
up all the ingredients along with my regular staples.  Perusing through cookbooks, magazines and
newspapers for new recipes is another fun way to inspire home cooking.  Every now and then I get into a cooking rut
so I head over to the library and plunk myself down on the floor amidst a giant
pile of cookbooks.  It inspires me!

April 2010 029My current ones
that I have been using lately are Chef at Home by Michael Smith; The Joy of
th anniversary edition by Rombauer, Becker and Becker;
Make it Tonight by Elizabeth Baird and the Canadian Living Test Kitchen; Meal
Leani Yumm!
(now published under the title Healthy Helpings) By Norene Gilletz;
Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health and don’t forget the chocolate by Liz
Pearson and Mairlyn Smith; ReFresh by Ruth Tal and Jennifer Houston. You can win a copy of this last
book by visiting my friend Ilana’s blog

Along with
my cookbook collection I have a GIANT binder filled with recipes I have
collected over the years from magazines, newspapers and websites. Last year
with the help of Tina from Organize with Style I was finally able to classify
them all (except there is a new pile creeping up again that needs to be filed).

A good
recipe collection is essential for healthy eating. It’s your go to place for ideas
and for meal planning!


2 thoughts on “Caryn’s Cookbooks

  1. I have to say you are right. Blogs have become my new source for kickass recipes as well. It used to be web based searches now it’s blogs!

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