Friday Finds: McCain Purely Potatoes

I was at
the IGA late Tuesday night (scary in there at 9:30 pm) doing my weekly
groceries.  I threw into my cart this
weeks Friday finds which is McCain Purely Potatoes.  As I was at the cash paying for my enormous
order, a tired university student was staring at it in amazement. I told her I was
a dietitian hoping she wouldn’t judge for me for the 8 boxes of Rice Krispies
Squares.  She said she needed to eat
better and has no time to cook because she studies so much.  “Well” I said, “have you tried cooking with frozen
potatoes?” She said she didn’t know they existed. So I gave her my business
card and told her to read my blog.  How’s
that for self promotion?!

April 2010 014Here they
are in all of their glory.  Frozen
potatoes for the ultimate in laziness! 
Yes, it’s true you don’t have to wash and peel potatoes anymore.  Just spend about $4.00 and you can have real
mashed potatoes in minutes.  Think of all
the possibilities!  For tonight’s dinner
I made cream of carrot ginger and coriander soup.  The secret to this soup is the white potato I
use instead of cream.  Potato gives it
the wonderful velvety creamy texture after I have pureed it.  I put a whole chicken in the roaster and
surrounded it with cut up onions, a bag of frozen roasting vegetables and a bag
of sweet potatoes.

April 2010 015

 In all
seriousness, if you love to make mashed potatoes these bags make it stupid
easy.  As you can see from the
ingredients there is only 1 (except for the sodium phosphate in the white
potatoes which prevents them from turning black when they are exposed to
air).  Just add them to boiling water,
drain them and then add some olive oil or chicken broth and mash them up.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that
sweet potatoes are nutritionally superior to white potatoes.  If you prefer them white then eat them occasionally
not everyday.

April 2010 026 Have you
ever made sweet potato soup?  Imagine how
easy it would be to sauté onions and garlic, add some broth and some water and
then empty a package of these McCain sweeties into the pot.  That’s the basic recipe.  You can jazz it up with a splash of orange
juice, some fresh herbs, curry, hot peppers and the possibilities are
endless.  If you prefer carrot soup you
can do the same thing with a large bag of baby carrots.  Serve the potato soup with a protein like
grilled fish and steamed asparagus. The
soup replaces a carbohydrate (grain product). Another idea is to spread the
potatoes over a cookie sheet then drizzle olive oil over them.  Sprinkle with pepper, thyme and rosemary for
your own version of home fries.  Then make
baked chicken for dinner and serve with a salad.  I have to admit potatoes are my comfort food
and I love heating them in a skillet with onions, green and red peppers.  I serve them under eggs over easy and orange
sections on the side. 
April 2010 035


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