10 Tips for Eating Out

  1. Image.phpStop eating tons of squishy warm
    white bread with giant chunks of butter before the meal comes.
  2. Always drink water; not Coke, juice or
  3. Sauce on the side (even the Hollandaise
    sauce that comes with the egg’s Benedict at Chez Cora).  A tablespoon of sauce is plenty.
  4. Grilled not fried.
  5. Think about how awesome it will
    be to have the same restaurant meal for lunch the next day.  When your meal arrives, push half of it
    aside and save it for tomorrow. 
  6. Salad dressing sauce on the
    side too.  Caesar salad is NOT a
    healthy choice.
  7. If dessert is what you are
    craving after your meal, share it.
  8. It’s the sodium, white based carbohydrates and the saturated fat that make some restaurant
    food unhealthy.  Try to avoid it.  Ask questions.  In case your wondering, poutine has all 3!
  9. You can find something reasonably
    healthy at any restaurant if you look hard enough.
  10. Don’t be shy to request a special
    order. Meg Ryan wasn’t.  Restaurants
    are usually more than happy to oblige. 
    Remember they want your business!

3 thoughts on “10 Tips for Eating Out

  1. Hey Jo,
    I wrote “other” to cover other beverages (actually to cover my ass!).
    Seriously though, I recommend pop and diet pop to be used as more of a once in a while thing. There’s many convincing studies that demonstrate drinking these beverages daily is not healthy.
    As for alcohol that’s more of a case by case basis. There’s interesting studies on wine and cardiovascular disease. The rule of thumb is 6 oz./day for women and 12 oz. for men. If you are not a drinker do not start. If you are a drinker stick to those guidelines. If you are trying to lose weight cutting out the alcohol will cut out a few hundred calories facilitating the process. Good wine is like good cheese cake. You don’t want to have it everyday!

  2. My take on this is that I’m in a restaurant, it’s special, I’ll eat whatever I want. I eat in restaurants maybe once a month. It’s a treat, I don’t want to deprive myself. I eat well all the time, so why not allow myself the occasional indulgence?
    I do see that this may not work for someone who eats out twice a week though.

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