SIAL 2010

I went to
the SIAL food show last Thursday.  I was
invited by Enzyme and Danone to attend the complimentary Symposium on the
effects of diet during pregnancy.  After
the Symposium was over, I went down to the tradeshow area and wandered around
tasting almost everything in sight.  The
trade show had over 500 exhibitors consisting of food suppliers, distributers,
food companies looking for distributors and food machines among the many
interesting stuff. 

speakers at the Symposium discussed the connection between a pregnant woman’s
diet and the disease outcomes for her child in the future.  There is a link between what your mother ate
while pregnant with you and what diseases you may be susceptible to.  If you are interested in perusing the
presentations that were given you can go here.

After the
symposium, I was starving because it was lunch time.  I headed down to the trade show area and the
first thing I sampled was a warm croissant from Bridor.  They claimed it was made with
non-hydrogenated margarine.  I asked to
see a food label but they did not have one available.  I guess I have to take their word that there
was no partially hydrogenated anything in the pastry.

A little
while later I came upon a booth that was sampling sandwiches made on flatbread
and tortilla wraps.  I was
interested in the flatbread and asked to see a food label.  Guess what?! They did not have one
available.  The business owner who was neither
a chef nor a nutritionist proudly told me that the flat bread was made without
Trans fat.  He said the wraps did contain
Trans fat but they were working on removing them so that they would only have
some partially hydrogenated fat.  I told
him that is not good.  He looked at me with
a straight face and said that partially hydrogenated fat is not bad for
you.  I promptly walked away found a
garbage pail to dispose of the flat bread I was eating.

April 2010 008
Basilic had a huge booth.  I went over
there mainly to ask them why my basil plant keeps dying.  Apparently, you water it from the bottom up
(put the plant in a bowl and add water to the bowl) with tepid water.  Not cold water from the top like I was doing.  They gave me a complimentary basil plant for
my trouble and a sample of ice cream.  I
am happy to report the plant is still half alive.  However, I tried the ice cream against my
better judgment.   I admit it tasted
homemade with full on cream. Yum.  But
that basil aftertaste in my mouth was not pleasant.  I thought it would be a good idea to find
some chocolate to get rid of the taste when I came upon a Polish chocolate
company.  I figured what could be bad
about a chocolate hazelnut truffle? 
Nothing unless it was rancid!  

With my
stomach ache I headed for the metro and back to my office.  I look forward to next year’s SIAL in


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