15 Snack Ideas for Kids

1.     Cut up vegetables with a
yogurt dip or hummus

To make yogurt dip, strain plain yogurt through a cheese
cloth to make the yogurt thick. Add chopped herbs such as chives, garlic, basil
and coriander

2.     Cut up fruit with a
yogurt dip or low fat cheese like skim milk mozzarella

To make yogurt dip, add thawed mashed frozen fruit such as
strawberries, blueberries or bananas to plain yogurt

3.     Portable Pizza

·        Provide a pizza dipping sauce (can be an low sodium spaghetti
sauce from a jar) with a cheese stick, whole wheat pita, broccoli florets and
Yves pepperoni slices (or real pepperoni)

4.     ½ cup homemade trail mix

Some foods to include: unsalted sunflower seeds, dried
banana and papaya chips, granola, raisins and soy nuts

5.     Homemade baked goods with
a glass of milk (see
Sweet Revenge)

Oatmeal cookies, brownies, corn bread, muffins, granola bar

6.     Fruit Smoothies

Blend ½ cup plain yogurt or silken tofu (or ½ and ½) with ½
cup frozen fruit, honey to taste

Optional ingredients can include wheat germ or ground

7.     Whole wheat bread(1
slice) or 4 crackers (non trans fat) with 1 ounce of cheese or nut butter or No
Nuts Golden Pea Butter

8.     ½ cup cottage with ½
small cantaloupe

9.     Popcorn with fresh

10.  Quick Apple Crunch

Combine 3 TBSP of peanut butter with 3 TBSP of rice cereal
with 1 apple cubed

11.  Non trans fat salt free
pretzels and a fruit

12.  Hard boiled egg with ½
whole wheat pita

13.  Ants on a log

Celery, cream cheese or peanut butter  or No Nuts Golden Pea Butter with raisins

14.  Homemade chocolate
pudding (
email me for recipe)

15.  Organic tortillas with
homemade guacamole

The guacamole can be made by mixing in a commercial salsa
mix with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice or just add finely chopped tomatoes,
onions, red and green peppers, thawed frozen corn and lemon juice

 WATER!, skim or 1% milk, soy beverage, all natural (no added sugar) juice limited to1/2 cup per day.

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Add your snack ideas to the comment section! 


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