I am having my cake and eating it too!

May 2009 053
It’s my birthday today and it got me thinking about
cake.  I love cake. I especially love
white cake with white icing or the same in a cupcake.  I also love cheesecake, ice cream cake,
chocolate mousse cake, brownie cake but not so much black forest cake or even
lemon meringue pie.  Why am I telling you
this?  Firstly, I am hoping Richard is
reading this and he and the kids will pick up a cake for later.  The other reason is I want to share my
personal motto with you.  I have shared
it with many clients over the years. It’s simple and easy to follow.  I think it can help a lot of people. 

We live in a society with excessive amounts of food good and
bad at our disposal.  If you are going to
enjoy a treat, ask yourself “is this really worth the calories?”   That is what I ask myself before I eat
something that is calorically dense and does not offer much in the way of
nutrition but will taste sensational.  If
I think it will be out of this world good I proceed and enjoy the indulgence
without guilt.  I also never usually eat
an excessively large portion of such a dessert. 
In my opinion desserts are for special occasions. 

New studies have popped up recently likening high fat/high
sugar foods to drugs.  These foods can be
addictive because they make you feel good for the moment.  But as you know, in the long run, these types
of foods can severely affect your waist line. 
The goal is to indulge and be satisfied with a small amount.  Many people get into a habit of regularly
eating foods that increase their total daily caloric intake which leads to
weight gain. 

I really do follow my motto and if I don’t think something
is worth the calories I simply won’t eat it. 
It is true I am a picky eater but I try to pick my daily calories
properly. Also, if I know I am going to indulge I will plan to get an extra
workout in.  I’ve already worked out at the
gym today and will probably do some outdoor activity tomorrow.  So bring on the cake boys but nothing with coconut
because I don’t like that either.


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