Friday Finds: Chickpeas at Toby’s

I was at Grandma Toby's tonight for supper with the kids and Richard when I realized she didn't make anything for me to eat.  She usually makes chicken on Fridays accompanied by soup, salad, knishes and a vegetable.  Being of the vegetarian persuasion I am not into chicken and wasn't in the mood for hard boiled protein, I mean eggs.  

May 2010 047

I was desperately looking through her pantry for something edible when I came across a can of my favorite legume, garbanzo beans better known as chick peas.   I also a found a bottle of olive oil that GT said was over a year old. Blech.  I proceeded to make a vinaigrette with fresh canola oil (I know for a fact she bought it in April) white vinegar, lemon juice and sugar.  I chopped up some shallots, carrots and red peppers.  I tossed everything together and voila, something out of nothing!  I served it over a bed of greens and was completely satisfied. I really was in need of something healthy since I have been eating cake since Wednesday.

The truth is, it is just too easy to eat junkt in situations like this but with a little effort you can always find something healthy to make in a pinch.  Keep your pantry and freezer well stocked. Make sure you replace your oils every 3 months so they stay fresh.  Oil, vinegar or lemon juice and a dash of sugar always work if you need a basic dressing.

This week's Friday Find really was a find!  Otherwise, I would have been stuck without a protein and ended up hungry.  Knishes just don't cut it for supper.


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