Friday Finds: SMART KD?!

May 2010 042

I was looking through the IGA weekly flyer a few weeks ago
and I came across this product.  Richard
was at the IGA at the time doing the groceries so I texted him and asked him to
pick up a box.  He picked up 6! I often
use Richard as an example when I blog.  It
is because he really is the typical consumer. 
He saw the box marked SMART and assumed it was healthier than the
regular KD. 

I mentioned this new KD to Le Nutritionniste and he said
Yoni Freedhoff had just blogged about it.  I figured I would go ahead and offer my take
on it too.  Primarily, it’s an example of
supreme marketing.  The writing on the
package suggests that this product can be considered a vegetable choice.  I think I must have missed the class on
freeze dried vegetable powder being part of our daily intake.  Since when is ½ serving of vegetables
considered significant anyway?  Dr.
Freedhoff calculated the actually amount of “vegetables” in this product to be
¼ serving. He also calculated more sodium, saturated fat, sugar and less
protein.  You cannot compare each box
side by side because the Smart box contains 150g of product whereas regular KD
contains 225g!!!! Guess which box is more expensive. 

You have to know that we do eat KD every so often.  It’s a crap product nutritionally speaking
but c’mon you know it’s good! So, I asked Richard to cook up the new SMART KD and
this is what he said. “The kids didn’t seem to like it, but it was similar.” 

And there you have it the scientific approach to testing KD! Enjoy the weekend! 

May 2010 040

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