Friday Finds: Blue Menu Smoothie mango peach

June 2010 002
I know another product from the Blue Menu line at
Bloblaws.  I guess I am a sucker for good
marketing.  I generally do not recommend
juice to my clients because it’s basically sugared water.  However, I am comfortable with vegetable (low
sodium V8) or fruit purées.  This type of
beverage maintains the fiber in the food. 
Juicing is the process of leaving the fibre out.  Remember, a smoothie or fruit blend is still
a cup of calories.  If you are watching
your weight this may not be the best choice because of that and because
drinking your calories usually doesn’t result in satiety.  Also, this product has added juice so it is
not a ‘true” smoothie fruit blend and therefore has a minimal amount of  fiber (2g per serving).  A medium pear with skin has over 5g.

June 2010 009
I picked up this beverage last week when it was on
sale.  It was the only flavour left.  It would not have been my first choice.  I would have preferred the strawberry banana
blend.  I was pleasantly surprised by its
wonderful texture and taste.  The
ingredients indicate that it is a puree with added juice and I assume the
industrial type blenders bring it to its smooth consistency.  If I were to add the same ingredients to my
blender at home there is no way I could get it to be that smooth.  Herein lies its appeal.  The texture rocks so much so that I could
easily over consume it if I am not careful. 
It is 150 calories per cup and according to the label can be counted as
2 fruit choices as per
Food Guide.  My suggestion is to pour it
over ice and sip it slowly.  Or, how
about mixing it with some fizzy water like Perrier or club soda?


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