Amazing food at a kiddie party?

I was at a children’s birthday party last Sunday afternoon
for my friend’s 2 year old son.  I
couldn’t believe the spread she and her husband had laid out.  At first I thought it was catered but I
quickly realized it was all homemade except for a few things. The reason I
thought it was catered was because of the variety and presentation.  There were a lot of salads, sandwiches, fruit
and cut up vegetables.  It was a
vegetarian’s dream lunch buffet. 

Usually, at a kiddie party (and I am guilty of this too) you
get pizza and vegetables with dip from Costco. 
If you are really lucky you get the fruit plate too!  It was so unexpected to find such appetizing
food at a kid’s birthday party.  I wish I
had taken pictures for proof.

The truth is, it is cheaper and easier to serve junk food
then it is to make the effort that Karyn and her husband Benjamin did for their
son Mackenzie’s party.  This is how they
did it: Benji prepared the hot bean dip and lentil salad a few days before the
party.  Karyn’s mom brought the tomato boccocini
with fresh basil salad and Karyn’s dad made the party sandwiches (I would have
sworn up and down that they came from Snowdon Deli). Karyn finished off the
salads with her own tortellini pesto with sundried tomato salad, bean salad and
mixed green spring salad.  Benji’s mom
contributed a broccoli salad.  They
bought prepared hummus and baba-ganoush with fresh pita, flatbreads and variety
of cheese.  For dessert they got
Mackenzie a cake from Loblaws and Karyn made chocolate chip cookies, banana
muffins and corn bread muffins. Her friend brought a cheese cake and Karyn’s
mother-in-law came with a mille-feuille.

You are probably wondering what the kids ate.  I will admit Ian my 2 year old ate Goldfish,
BBQ chips and carrots. My middle kid Jason, age 5, had carrots, egg sandwiches,
pita with hummus, tortillini and tons of fruit. 
My eldest son Trevor, age 7, showed up just in time for cake.  He was coming from a bowling party and we all
know what they serve at the Rose Bowl. 
Anyway, he got lucky and had cake twice. 
The other kids were eating the sandwiches, pita, cheese, fruit and
vegetables with a helping of chips of course.

Who makes homemade mille-feuille?  Why Benji’s mom Felice of course.  When I spied that dessert even before I ate
anything, I knew I had better make some room. 
I paced myself with the tasty salads and ended the decadence with a
small slice of sugary heaven, a sliver of cheesecake and 1 chocolate chip

There is nothing like meeting new people and catching up
with old friends all while enjoying some top notch homemade good eats.  It seems like going the extra mile when it
comes to food really makes things memorable. 
The stomach ache I got from eating the dessert was well worth it (I lied
I ate more than a small slice of the mille-feuille).


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