Ramblings from an overheated dietitian

The truth is my brain is too fuzzy, sweaty and hot to write
any thing profound about nutrition.  I
have no ac in my house and all I want to do is drink water and look for a
breeze.  I can barely concentrate and am
craving carbohydrates.

It seems my clients are feeling the same way.  Giving into abandon and eating what ever they
feel like because it’s just too hot to think.
At the very least stay well hydrated so water and fruit are your best
bets.  Personally, I like a little ice
coffee here and there.  Speaking of iced
coffee I tried to get one the local Tim Horton’s this week.  Apparently, they don’t make them
anymore!?  They only debuted last summer!!!!!  Anyway the girl at the counter offers me an
iced cappuccino instead and knowing how much junk is in there, I say sure but
make it a small and use milk instead of cream. She says ok and then a few
minutes later returns with this soupy grossness.  I say to her “isn’t this supposed to be made
with slushy ice?” With attitude she responds that they have been making a lot
of them and this how they are coming out of the machine and that it tastes good
if not better. Ya right.  Without the slushy
ice it just tastes like cold, sugary, over processed Coffee-mate.  It’s amazing how slushy ice can alter the
flavour, mouth feel and enjoyment of a food or beverage.

In other new, I was sitting outside drinking my 20th
glass of water of the day when a strange looking tattooed man jogged by with bare
feet.  He was going at a snail’s pace but
jogging nonetheless and talking on his cell phone.  I wasn’t sure if it was inspiring or like
looking at a train wreck.

Finally, I got Richard a bike today for his upcoming
birthday on Sunday.  He needs to get more
active and I always say you got to do something you love and that is fun.  Good luck to him.  He just rode off to Scrabble club.


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