Caryn’s Top 10 Nutrition Disasters

  1. Summer drinks like frappuccinos, iced cappuccinos, cold hot
    chocolate, anything with slushy ice 

    IMG_0593 by Stephan Segraves
  2. Salad swimming in dressing
  3. Hot white squishy bread and anything else that is as white as fresh snow
  4. Eggs Benedict 
  5.  Extremely large steaks 
    MARINATED RIB EYE STEAK by scottysauce 
  6.  Caesar salads 
    Baily's Caesar by disneymike 
  7. Too much pizza 
    Aussie Meat Pie Pizza by NicnBill 
  8. Soft drinks and Juice
  9. Donuts, pastries, store bought muffins 
  10. Onion rings 
    Onion Rings from Fatburger by GrubGrade


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