Friday Finds: Nuts to You Nut Butter

This week’s Friday find is nut butters.  Before you read any further you should know
that this is a very high fat, high caloric food. I am not even going to bother posting
the nutrition label.   But, will you eat

We live in a fat phobic society and people are literally
afraid to eat fat.  The common belief is
that if they eat fat they will get fat.  The
truth is if you eat high caloric, high saturated/trans fat and high sugar foods
often enough you will get fat.

It is essential to have some fat in your diet to absorb fat soluble
vitamins like A, D, E and K. However, it is the type of dietary fat that is
important.  Saturated fast like that
found in animal based products (meat and full fat dairy) should be consumed in
moderation.  Plant based fats are healthy
and can be eaten more often.  Sprinkle
nuts and seeds into couscous. Enjoy olive oil in salads and
poured from the bottle over whole grain pastas. 
Use fresh avocado in salads and dips. 
Spread nut butters on crackers and thick whole grain breads.

Fat does other stuff besides absorb fat soluble
vitamins.  It helps you feel full and
helps regulate blood sugar especially if you are diabetic.

It would be remiss if I did not tell you that fat contains 9
calories per gram as opposed to 4 calories per gram in protein and carbohydrates.  That is pretty much why fat containing foods
are high in calories.  If you are
watching your weight there is no need to avoid fat, simply watch the portion
size.  That means don’t eat peanut butter
from the jar with a spoon.

Pb 002
The nut butters featured here are delicious and wonderful.  They are all natural without any additives or
emulsifiers.  An emulsifier keeps liquids
from separating.  Without an emulsifier natural
nut butter has a film of fat that sits on top. 
I keep my nut butters in the fridge and mix them well each time before
spreading.  I never use more than 2
tablespoons for my sandwiches.  I always have
nut butters on hand and can therefore always make a quick healthy sandwich or
snack in a pinch.  

p.s. This company is from Ontario and does NOT have a website or an email.  I bought these nut butters at my neighborhood IGA.

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