A tale of a broken fridge, bad customer service and the guy who saved the day!

We don’t realize how much we rely on modern conveniences until they break.  I woke up Saturday morning to a wet and soppy freezer/fridge mess.  I salvaged what I could and brought it to Grandma Toby’s and then tried to figure out what to do.  This Maytag fridge was only 6 years old.  My grandmother has a fridge in her basement that is way older than me and is still keeping things cold and frozen.  What’s up with 6 years?  Some salesman at Leon’s actually told me that I should be thrilled that I got 6 years out of it.  He even said with a smile on his face that whatever I bought today would last between 5 and 10 years.  Yay.

It’s been a challenging weekend without ol’ Bessie.   It really surprises me how much we rely on perishable foods.  All I could really make from my pantry was pasta with tomato sauce.  I made that a few times.  But it sucks not to have fresh veggies on hand to jazz it up. I have a ton of cereal in the pantry but that requires milk (which Richard would go and get every morning at Grandma Toby’s).  I just couldn’t get creative with the pantry items to make something substantial.  This bothers me.  I feel like I should be able to whip up something tasty for my family without having to rely on the refrigerator. We ended up eating too much takeout. It could have been my frustration with having to deal with this same fridge conking out on me twice in 1 year or I am simply not a Norene Gilletz. I guess I could have picked up some Chef Boyardee and tossed it in the micro.  At least I made some decent lunches for the boys.

Since everything was closed on Monday, I started off my day Tuesday at Corbeil and found a French door style fridge I liked.  I thought the salesman was great but I still wanted to look around.  Off I went to The Brick but the customer service and selection were not there. Then I went to Future Shop and the salesman was so desperate for a sale he was begging me not too leave.  There is no way I will shop at Brault & Martineau or Sears so I headed to Leon’s where I promptly left after what that guy said about appliance life.   I went back to Corbeil in Lasalle, credit card in hand ready to purchase my new refrigerator. Hah! When I got there, they told me that the fridge could not be sold at the price quoted.  Apparently, the large price sticker on the model I chose was wrong or something.  They actually said some kids must have come in and switched the stickers around.  The lady at the counter was so rude I could not believe it. The salesman who had impressed me earlier was embarrassed and apologetic but it was clear there was nothing he could do.  They actually let me walk out of the store.  Hmmmm

The power of social media saved the day.  One of my friend’s was following my status updates on Facebook when he suggested I forget about retail.  He said cut the middle man out and go straight to the broker.   I know you can do this with diamonds but I didn’t know you could do it with appliances.  I called up my friend’s “guy” and it turned out to be a legitimate business.  Stewart Libstug immediately put me at ease and explained how his company works.  He holds very little stock but has access to all the major appliances.  You just have to know what you want.  Since I spent the day looking at fridges I knew what I wanted and I had the model numbers ready to go.  Stuart was friendly and most importantly inspired confidence.  He answered all my questions patiently and when he quoted me the price I was blown away.  I am paying way less than the phony ticket price at Corbeil.  Oh and the best part is I don’t have to wait from 9am to 9pm for the delivery.  Stuart said they will give me a time and they will come at that time.  I will have a new fridge on Thursday!


One thought on “A tale of a broken fridge, bad customer service and the guy who saved the day!

  1. Sounds like a food preparation (and shopping) nightmare. I, too, am heavily reliant on my fridge and when it conks out on me, I will probably cry…and use the tragedy as an excuse to eat Chef Boyardee’s ravioli for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    It’s great to hear you got the fridge you wanted at a fabulous price, though. I wanna see your new fridge. Please post pics! Hang in there, Caryn:)

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