I ♥ Nutrition

I was asked this week to do a workshop for long distance runners. Normally, I would have jumped on the opportunity because I love doing workshops.  However, I told them I would find a suitable colleague instead.

I realized that although I am qualified to present to this group, it’s not my area of interest. I am not a long distance runner and I believe the power of the presentation comes from someone who lives what they are talking about.

I do participate in physical activity and have been in a competitive runner in the past. Currently, I am into circuit weight training, yoga, recreational biking and just any fun activity I can fit into my busy schedule.

I realized this week, after giving a presentation with my colleague Mitch Katz-Zeitlin, that my strength lies within my family.   I know how hard it is to eat healthy and provide top notch meals to your family.  I struggle with this everyday.  I have learned many tricks and techniques to provide proper nutrition through reading, continuing education and through trial and error with my own family.

I have been in private practice for over 10 years and have the skills necessary to teach people how to lose weight effectively provided what they are dealing with is strictly a nutrition concern.  I am also an excellent motivator and coach and can teach people how to inprove their eating so they can manage health conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart health.  I can also help recreational athletes achieve their nutritional goals.  But, when it comes to elite athletes there are other dietitians who are better able to assist.

There is a wealth of nutrition care professionals in the Montreal area.  Every one of them is passionate about nutrition and have created a niche for themselves based on their area of interest.  When I get called for a nutrition contract or even with a private client and I don’t feel I am a good match, I will refer to these other wonderful dietitians.

I feel confident in my ability as a dietitian and am acutely aware of my passion.  For me, nutrition is about making it fun and accessible for everyone.  I don’t believe nutrition should be so serious.  I also don’t believe in deprivation because you can eat anything you want to eat as long as it is in moderation.


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