Just Steal it. You are going to anyway…..

Long before I was a dietitian I was a kid who enjoyed Halloween.  It was better than any holiday known to man.  The buildup was exciting. We spent weeks planning the right costume and begging the parents to supply the other kids who came to the door with chocolate bars.  The anticipation was the best.

The night would arrive and my brother and I would head out to Trick or Treat in our neighborhood.  We hoped for an excessive amount of candy made up mostly of Caramilk, Wonderbars and  Lick-a-Maid.  Then we would get home and dump it all out and start the commerce part of the night.  I would try and trick my brother into trading my gross candy for his premium goods.  This is stuff that memories are made of.

We all know Halloween candy is bad for our us.  You don’t need a dietitian or a dentist to tell you that.  It’s made up mostly of sugar and food additives.  Is there really any point in trying to dissuade kids from eating eat?  They don’t care.  Over the years I have found a few ways to manage this problem.  My favorite way is stealing.  I like to pilfer the good stuff before they notice it’s gone.  Other methods include doling out the candy day by day until it is completely gone.  I even tried the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory method.  I encouraged them to eat as much candy as they wanted.  My oldest turned green and the exercise became futile as he soldiered on.  This year I will try the “you are responsible for your own body” technique.  Perhaps, they will use self control and limit the candy intake to a moderate amount making it easier for me to steal the chocolate bars.  I plan on saving the Wonderbars for my brother.  Richard can have those yucky candies wrapped in Halloween paper.

2 thoughts on “Just Steal it. You are going to anyway…..

  1. Too funny, that’s pretty much how I remember it as a kid, too. So far, with my kids, I’ve used the doling out at a steady pace until it’s all gone, but they get so much that they still have Hallowe’en candy at Christmas! I think this year I’ll encourage more pilfering, from Daddy, not me 🙂

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