Goodbye Candy

Halloween was a success! The kids were happy with their homemade or borrowed costumes and they seemed pretty satisfied with their haul.  As predicted, they came home and dumped it all on the table.  They started eating the premium stuff first, leaving wrappers everywhere.  Richard and I tried to nab the good chocolate bars but they were on to us and were very clever at hiding their stash.

Truthfully, I just want the candy gone.  I am sick of looking at it and am sick of watching them eat it.  Yesterday my youngest got sent home for a stomach problem that was directly linked to how much candy he had eaten.

In all seriousness, junk food consumption is a parenting issue.  It’s our job to make sure our kids eat healthy most of the time.  Do whatever you need to do.  My plan is to start discreetly throwing the candy away.


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