My New Home

I am very passionate about nutrition.  I first realized I wanted to be a dietitian after I obtained my B.A. in Film Studies from Carleton University.  While I was studying there, I worked part-time in the gym teaching aerobics and facilitating in the weight room. While I loved what I learned in film school, I realized I wanted to work in the health care field. It was a tough decision to make because if I wanted to become a dietitian I would need to go back to school for a long time. I had never taken any science courses in high school let alone university. Nutrition is a science degree with a lot of biochemistry. I had a long road ahead of me. It took me 2 years to make up all the science prerequisites and another 3 and a half to complete the McGill program in Dietetics and Human Nutrition with the internship included. It was totally worth it. I really love what I do.

I realized early on that I wanted to do community nutrition and private practice consultations. I have had experiences working in KanesatakeDouglas Hopital for research and Maimonides Geriatric Centre for meals-on-wheels just to name a few. Over the last 10 plus years I have always maintained an office for individual counselling. Recently, the building where my office was located got sold. The old cliché of when one door closes another opens held true for me, literally.

Directly across the street from my old office is a physiotherapy clinic called Action Sport Physio. It’s been there for about 7 years. I contacted the owner Ronny Varga who I know through a mutual friend and inquired about working in his space. As luck would have it, Ronny was looking to expand his team and thought a nutrition care specialist would fit in well. I took my scale and my food models and moved in the very next day.

Now I am part of a dynamic team of very qualified individuals including physiotherapists who treat many issues including back and knee problems, shoulder issues and neck pain.There are massage therapists, a pilates expert, a personal trainer, athletic therapists, a qualified osteopath, sports medicine doctors and a specialist in eccentrics and breath work. The administrative staff is a ray of sunshine, always smiling and willing to go above and beyond for every client.

I am fortunate to have found such an amazing environment to display my food models, nutrition tools and my trusty non-electric scale.  But most importantly, I found the perfect place to meet with the wonderful clients who inspire me.


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