Telus Sucks & Apple Here We Come

Technology plays a huge role in what I do for a living.  I input all client information into my computer and then I complete a consultation report after I have a met with the person a few times.  I mail or fax a copy of these reports to the client’s doctor.  In the olden days dietitians would hand write these reports for their patients medical charts. Some dietitians, especially in hospitals, still do this.  My handwriting is terrible and I wouldn’t think to insult a doctor with it.  Besides, a crisp white printed report just looks so professional.  That’s the minimal use of technology for my job.

I have found new ways to use technology to improve my business and communicate with clients.  For example, this blog is a new form of communication that is accessible to anyone. I love writing and I love nutrition so this medium is perfect for me.  It’s amazing how I can keep a public dialog about my thoughts on nutrition.  I would like to publicly thank Barry Martin from Hypenotic in Toronto for pretty much making me do this.

My favourite use of technology revolves around my mobile phone.  I have a Blackberry and I use Blackberry messenger (BBM) with my friends and clients.  I have a few clients whom I am in regular contact with because of this medium.  One woman uses BBM to send me pictures of her food before she eats it.  She needs help with portion control and sending me pictures is useful to her in many ways. She has someone to be accountable to, plus she is learning about healthy eating.  She is slowly gaining confidence with her meal planning and caloric amounts.  This has resulted in tremendous weight loss for her. Another client regularly e-mails me his food diary.  I pick it up on my Blackberry and can comment almost right away.

My mobile phone is my business phone.  All inquiries go to this line.  Between the BBM, SMS (texting), email and the actual phone this device is essential to my business. Unfortunately, I have been having a lot of problems with the said phone.  Mainly, dropped calls and slow data transfers.  It seems as technology advances the need to upgrade regularly is crucial.  I thought it was reasonable to upgrade every 3 years but I think I am wrong.  My handset clearly needs to be replaced and since it’s for business it’s a requirement.

I called Telus, the company I use for mobile purposes, for help on the matter.  I explained the situation and that I have been a loyal customer for over 12 years.  You would think they would cut me a break with all their ridiculous fees just to upgrade.  I am willing to pay for a new phone but to pay more for my data plan because of a new handset and to pay a fee for the privilege of upgrading then another for transfering?  C’mon Telus that’s no way to treat your customers. Were does this leave me?  It leaves me until August when my contract is up with Telus and I can finally take my business elsewhere along with my husband’s mobile plan.

In the meantime, I am thinking up new ways to improve my business with what is available.  I am seriously considering jumping on the Mac bandwagon and finally picking up an iPhone this summer.  I have been told there is a superior camera on this device that enables one to take amazing pictures and HD video.  I can imagine the possibilities for nutrition blogging, mass emailing clients and simply recording life.  I would love to experiment with the apps and find suitable ones that are useful for nutrition purposes.

My kids are learning on iMacs at their school.  At this point, our home computer is struggling to survive.  There is no more doubt in my mind an iMac will be coming to our house.  I have never really used one before but I am sure by the time we get one my kids will be able to teach me everything I need to know.  Trevor wants to write a cookbook and I can imagine how much fun we will have doing that on a Mac.  Is Apple really the future?


4 thoughts on “Telus Sucks & Apple Here We Come

  1. I don’t know if Apple is the future (my techie husband has a millions reasons why not) but I can sympathize with your Telus situation. After many years as loyal clients of theirs, we came to the same conclusion this year and left them. They seemed to feel we didn’t have a choice. Right. Bye bye.

  2. The future might be friendly with Telus, but an Apple is for sure tastier, healthier and something more fun to look forward to in the future. Since I have one I cannot imagine how I ever made without one. I love my Mac. So I say: Go for it!

  3. So true, 23 years with Cantel-Rogers, 57,000$ later and the office of the President is out to prove that a 138$ credit which disappeared off of my statement had already been paid in a 165$ refund. So much for loyal customer. We are in the customer retention department asking for a reply ONLY from the Presidents office or bye bye HTC Rogers, hello Videotron Nexus or I wait for Videotron Apple to come aboard which I can sync with my I-pad and I-tunes. And yes Apple is the future, it always works if you can think like a 3-11 year old. Typed from my I-pad

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