What do you eat when you go to the game?

I live in a hockey city with a hockey husband and hockey loving boys.  So, we took them to see Les Canadiens yesterday afternoon.  They had never been to a game before so they were very excited.  I expected at some point during the mayhem they would complain that they were starving.  They have become little grazers and if I am not prepared with snacks I suffer the consequences of hungry grumpy children.

Richard goes to see the Habs play a couple of times a year and even he prepares himself before he goes.  You see, there is nothing but unhealthy severely over priced food at the Bell Centre.  It’s really a dietitian’s nightmare.

They have extra greasy pizza, nachos with fake cheese sauce, popcorn with fake butter topping, chips, candy, ice cream, beer, soft drinks, flavoured drinks and other stuff I am forgetting.  The price of these items are ridiculous.

I don’t know if you are allowed to bring food into the Bell Centre but there was no way I was buying that crap for the kids.  I was certain we would all get hungry.  How can you not with all the food and excitement?  We all ate a very substantial lunch a little bit later than usual.  I figured that tactic would keep us full until at least 3:30 (game started at 3pm). I packed some whole grain bread with butter, peeled oranges, apples, cheese chunks, crackers and a bottle of water.  It was ALL GONE by the end of the game. As were half the fans because the HABS LOST!!!!!!

I guess part of watching a hockey game is snacking.  If you are in the comfort of your own home, instead of chips try air popped pop corn , plain almonds with baby carrots, cut up fruit or veggies with a yogurt dip and stick with water, it really is the best drink.


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