Do you make your own baby food?

Recently I noticed a lot of pregnant women walking around the Montreal.  It seems that spring is a popular time to give birth.  It reminded me of when I had tiny babies and I felt nostalgic for those times.  I remember when they all 3 turned six months and I started them on solid food.  First you start with the cereals like oatmeal, rice and barley.  Then you add a fruit and a vegetable and then some protein.

There is a plethora of prepared baby food at the supermarket but making it yourself is so easy.  You do need to buy the cereals but making pureed fruits, veggies and protein is fun and nutritious.

The easiest way to make pureed vegetables is to use canned.  Take a can of carrots or peas or asparagus and rinse them well under running water. Put them in a blender and puree to the right consistency.   Babies that are new to solids need to have a fine texture.  After a few weeks you can change the texture to more of a minced consistency.   You need to change the texture gradually or you run the risk of baby rejecting the food.  Frozen vegetables and fruits also make excellent purees.  You can heat them up in the microwave or thaw them in the fridge and then puree them.  Nowadays you can find a huge variety of frozen produce.  The frozen mangos especially impress me and island mixes.  If it’s summertime make use of the wonderful Quebec harvest and use fresh.  You can steam veggies in the microwave or on the stove.  Try zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches, berries and the list is endless.

For protein why not try silken tofu?  You can mix it with some pureed fruit.  It is effortless to prepare.  You can broil, poach or boil chicken.  Sauté lean ground beef with veggies and tomato sauce and then puree it right in the pot.  If there is no history of allergies you can introduce fish at 1 year.  Try poaching some white fish like sole or haddock being extra careful to remove the bones.

Once your little one has graduated from baby cereal to real starch you can try brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and other whole grains to complete his little meal!



One thought on “Do you make your own baby food?

  1. When my kids were little, I made all their baby food mostly because I am cheap but also because it is so easy! My favorite was to make a chicken soup, load it up with veggies and then feed them the chicken and veggies from the soup, pureed.
    All you really need is a pot, steamer basket and a hand mixer and voila!
    As a result, my kids are pretty healthy eaters because the meals were always full of veggies that were yummy and not processed.
    BTW, the Magic Bullet has come out with a new product called the Baby Bullet. I might have bought it had this been available when my kids wre little. A bit of a gimmick but still cute (

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