Another Confession

I love social media and I especially love blogging.  Recently, I haven’t been doing too much of either because I have become crazy busy.  I started working part-time at the local CLSC (community based social services) as a home care dietitian.   That coupled with my private practice puts me at  full-time again after taking a hiatus to have kids.

Ironically, I find myself in the same place as many of my private clients.  I am having difficulty balancing a healthy lifestyle with home and work.  What I mean by that is I also haven’t exercised in weeks.  I come home after a long day of work only to supervise homework, spend time with the kiddos and prepare supper.  The last thing I am thinking about is any form of physical activity.  I am feeling frustrated and embarrassed because it is something I so strongly believe in and I promote it everyday.  I can’t believe that I find myself unmotivated and unable to fit it in.

I must be in the contemplation stage of change.  I talk about the 5 stages of change with my clients to see how ready they are to embark on a healthy lifestyle.  Usually, if they have sought the help of a dietitian then they are at least in the contemplation stage.  It’s my job to help them get into the action stage.  For exercise, I was in the maintenance stage for over a year but I guess I fell into the relapse stage and am now contemplating what to do.

If I am being honest, right now I would rather be doing anything else than working out. This is not good for many reasons.  Exercise improves my mood and makes me feel good. It also gives me energy.  I want my kids to practice a healthy lifestyle so I want them to see me being physical, not lazy.  I do enjoy the high one feels after a good workout.  I actually have a good workout waiting for me courtesy of my friend Peter Levidis whom I have known for nearly 15  years.  Peter makes sure that I exercise properly for my body type to prevent injury.  I used to be able to do any form of physical activity without risk of getting hurt.  Now I as I have gotten older I need to be careful not to get injured and part of that is strengthening areas that are weak.

My private practice is located in Action Sport Physio which is filled to the brim with the most physically fit group of people I know.  They all practice what they preach and are very knowledgable on everything exercise related.  They are inspiring and I am lucky to be part of this amazing team.  I better get my butt moving before they get wind of my situation and gang up on me.

The bottom line is when you are ready you are ready and when you are not you are not.  I know I will be ready soon.  I am okay with that.  But, I thought it would be helpful to post this publicly to remind everyone that we all struggle with the same issues.  Finally, the exercise of writing this down is my attempt at motiving myself. If I want to make a change, I have to make it.  Nobody else will be able to help me unless I talk the talk. Once I am doing that, then I can plan my strategy myself or with the help of others.  I learned this method working with Dr. Jean-Marc Assad who teaches motivational interviewing to other healthcare professionals.  I have taken 2 courses with him which resulted in me understanding the stages of change that people go through along with the techniques necessary to facilitate change.  I am hoping I can work it on myself!  I am also open to any tips and suggestions.  I will get back to here!


One thought on “Another Confession

  1. When I’ve gotten that way I start back slowly. You’ve got a great motivation right at hand. Take the boys out to the park and kick a ball around for even a short while. I know that homework is important but 15 or 20 minutes of outdoor time is just as important 🙂 Good luck.

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