An Intern??!!!

So, I get this email a couple of weeks ago from a McGill student named Diane.  She pretty much offered up her services this summer in order to get some experience in the field of dietetics.  What a keener, I thought.  I loved her email and I loved her initiative.  I met with her in person last week and she definitely has the drive to succeed.

The truth is, if the interent had existed when I was starting out I would have done the exact same thing as Diane.  At that time, there wouldn’t have been much for a pre-nutrition student to do for a professional dietitian except maybe filing.  With the advent of social media a student just starting out can get a ton of credible experience these days.  While Diane can’t help me with client care she can certainly obtain valuable experience through the cyberworld.

This summer Diane is going to man the helm of the Montreal Nutrition social media empire and manage our blog, Facebook page and improve our Twitter account.  How awesome is that?

Diane has decided to begin this whole thing by presenting a recipe that is both healthy and creative.  Lucky for me she chose a fish recipe.  I confess that I have a fish aversion.  I will blog about that another time.  But for now I am so happy Diane experimented with this amazingly healthy protein that everyone should be eating.  I am not sure how she did it but she made fish look like cheesecake!


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