What do dietitians eat?

I finally took a well deserved vacation and headed out west to Salmon Arm B.C. to visit my BFF Robin, from my McGill days.  Robin came to Salmon Arm over 10 years ago to work as a clinical dietitian at the local hospital.  Now she works as a health information project manager.  Robin is working with PITO to promote electronic information sharing.  Hopefully in the near future, the Canadian healthcare system will be fully automated making it easier for healthcare professionals to share information and optimize patient care.

Since I have never been out west before, Robin took me from the Calgary Airport to Salmon Arm via the most scenic drive ever.  We stayed in Banff the first night.  It was spectacular and breathtaking.  Canada has these massive glacier capped mountains that are truly magnificent.

Salmon Arm is a gorgeous little town tucked away in the Okanagan Valley.  This area is known for its ice wine.  Hopefully, I will get to taste some before I leave.

So the question is, what do 2 dieticians eat when they are hanging out alone?  Sometimes they eat junk food like the cinnamon buns we had for breakfast this morning.  We also love sandwiches.  Today we each had a grilled veggie sandwich on multi grain bread with chickpea spread and caramelized onions.  I wish I had taken a picture but we were starving after our hike and we inhaled them.  We ate sandwiches and veggie burgers in Banff, oh and sandwiches on the way to Banff.  We had the most scrumptious breakfast in Banff.  Tonight we ate homemade pesto with whole wheat pasta and last night’s cabbage salad.  I am actually feeling a bit hungry a I write this probably because we had no protein….

Last night Robin made eggs with cilantro and a side of swiss chard with the homemade cabbage and cucumber salad.  You might have noticed there are no carbs with this supper.  We justified that due to the homemade granola bar and pretzel we had eaten earlier.

For snacks we both like to eat fruit and sometimes fruit mixed with yogurt.  Since it is quite dry in this part of the country, we have been drinking copious amounts of water and tea.




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