Can a dirty mouth make you sick?

Guest blogger Allison Brooks has some important information about the link between your teeth and your diet.

My name is Allison Brooks and I am a recent graduate of the University of Mississippi. I earned my B.S. in Biomedical Anthropology and have continued my research to work towards a completed ethnography. I mainly focus on the effects of biomedicalization on different cultures, but I do branch off into other fields of anthropology. I wrote about family nutrition and oral health because I feel that it is the easy way to promote a more natural well-being and is easy to relate to.

Families are increasingly paying attention to their nutrition together due to a couple of factors: the awareness of the negative effects of carrying too much weight and the diverse impacts of eating at home and eating out. Many people are trying to make a change in their eating habits by eating together as a family at home. The topic of oral health has also become popular as people realize that the health of their teeth has a powerful effect on their overall health and on the health of their hearts.

The best way to have a positive impact on your family nutrition and your oral health is to agree to eat together as a family. Eating at home, in fact, has many benefits for a family. Studies show that there are many social and intellectual benefits to eating together as a family, but there are also nutritional advantages. When you cook at home, you most likely will not make food that is nearly as saturated with bad fats and sodium as the kind of things that they sell in restaurants. Home-cooked meals are more likely to include vegetables and complex carbohydrates, rather than the sugary or salt-laden treats that you acquire in a fast food restaurant.

When you eat together, it will be easier to ensure that children and adults remember to brush their teeth after eating. The importance of oral health has come to the attention of many people now that medical science has drawn straight lines between various stages of poor oral health and other negative health conditions. Many hospitals and research facilities have conducted clinical trials to see the correlation with proper oral health and other ailments.  Recent research is revealing very powerful connections between heart health and oral health. This has an impact not only on health but also on longevity.

Certain foods are especially capable of providing good nutrition for your body and for preserving or even improving your oral health. Take, for example, an apple. These delicious fruits contain natural sugars that your taste buds will appreciate. The crunchiness of the apple is a sign that your teeth and gums are getting a good workout while the texture of the fruit scrapes your teeth clean. Your digestive system will welcome the fiber in the apple which will keep your intestines in good health.

Encourage your family members to eat together. The benefits are both social and nutritional. If you choose the right foods, you can all live happily together for a long time.


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