Meet Janna and Get LEAN! Launching Tuesday January 24th. Only a few spaces left!

Hi everyone!

My name is Janna Boloten and I am very excited to introduce myself as the latest addition to the Montreal Nutrition team. I graduated from Dietetics & Human Nutrition at McGill University in December 2011 and I have long been eager to start my career as a registered dietician. I love the interpersonal aspect of nutrition; connecting with people based on what they eat combines health, wellness and pleasure. Eating is a universally enjoyed activity and an essential part of people’s culture and traditions – making nutrition a topic that is relevant to everyone.

Of particular interest to me are pre & post-natal nutrition, early childhood nutrition, sports nutrition, and weight loss. I’ll be blogging on a regular basis, discussing these and other topics topics related to food, nutrition and health. I’d love to hear about your interests, questions and comments so please don’t be shy to speak up!

Right now I am running Get LEAN: Lifestyle Exercise And Nutrition, a weight loss program in collaboration with Montreal Nutrition and  Santé Kildare Medical Clinic  in Cote St. Luc. If you or someone you are close to would be interested in losing weight the right way – no gimmicks, no bells and whistles, just good, clean nutrition – this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Get LEAN is…

  • Designed by a physician and registered dietician, and tackles the most common issues and challenges we face when trying to lose weight.
  • Weekly group sessions with the dietician, where you will learn the truth about weight loss, be provided with helpful tips and tricks, and receive motivation and support to achieve and maintain your personal goals.
  • A means to get the tools you need to live a happy and balanced life at a healthy weight.
  • Based on the latest, most reliable and effective strategies for weight loss, backed by science and research.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Individualized medical consultation, physical examination, medication review, and laboratory tests
  • Week 1: How to Lose Weight: What really works and explanation of the eating plan
  • Week 2: Motivation and Making Changes
  • Week 3: Changing Your Environment to Facilitate Weight Loss
  • Week 4: Facing Challenges and Overcoming Obstacles
  • Week 5: Adopting New Eating Habits
  • Physician follow-up at end of program
  • Program includes weekly weigh-ins and blood pressure measurements

Sessions begin on Tuesday, January 24, 2012.

Cost $240 + tax

Limited spaces still available. Please call (514) 397-0777 and ask about Get LEAN to register


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