Snack Observations

A few weeks ago I attended a round table nutrition discussion for home care dietitians who work at local CLSCs around the greater Montreal area.  There were 15 dietitians/nutritionists, sitting around a big table.  I admit, at times my mind wandered. So, I started looking around and noticed something pretty interesting.  Throughout the 3 hour meeting most dietitians were sipping on water and at about halfway through the meeting, most of them were snacking on fruit! I thought this was pretty cool as I sat there sipping on my water and eating my berries.  Dietitians actually practice what they preach.

Alternatively, a couple of days after this meeting, I attended one with a variety of healthcare professionals like occupational therapists, social workers and beneficiary workers all from my CSSS. The meeting was a palliative care presentation.  It’s a very serious topic and I wondered if that was the reason why I saw so much junk food.  People were snacking on chocolate bars, cookies and a few people were drinking regular full on sugared soft drinks.  Only one person, except for me, was eating fruit and drinking water.

I would say that this is the norm.  Most people snack on foods with little or no nutritional value. Dietitians encourage snacking on foods that don’t contribute to weight problems and that offer nutritional value. Excellent snacks include fruits and vegetables eaten with yogurt or hard cheese (not Brie) and whole grain crackers with nut butter.  Not brownies,  not cookies, not muffins and not granola bars.  Drink water or tea. Soft drinks are bad.  In most cases, juice is also bad.  Drink water before having that afternoon coffee to prevent dehydration and the jitters.  Better yet, find a dietitian to have a snack break with.


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