Montreal Nutrition’s intern Diane is back with some great Spring tips!

Here’s a quick update about my life this past semester at McGill in the Dietetics program:

I finished my first official semester as a Dietetics student. In January, I waited (im)patiently by the computer awaiting the news of whether or not my transfer was rejected or not. I promise I did not freak out, more than twice. I finished my finals a few weeks ago and I start my Level 1 Practicum/Stage in July. That’s where I’ll be interviewing patients, learning their story and their diet habits and see what I can do to help them, with the guidance of my supervisor. I’ll let you all know how it goes as it goes!

1. Don’t like water? TRY dipping some tea bags for some flavor.

Something that’s been really trendy with water lately, especially in the summer, is cutting up strawberries, mangos or cucumbers and letting them sit in ice water. Just TRUST me. OR try strawberry water at YEH frozen yogurt (various locations in Montreal).


2. Ease into exercise. Aim for consistency over one-time performance.

Disclaimer: This is from my personal experience, so don’t hold me accountable.

I’ve always been a pretty active-ish person. I did sports through high school, played soccer with the city league for a while, tennis and kickboxing lessons but always on and off. I’ve realized that right now, I’m the type of person that needs constant motivation and incentive to get my butt out the door and exercise. When I’m not on a team or taking a class, it’s the hardest thing for me to be active.

Lately, what has helped me, is to just START small. When you go running for the first time in 4 months, go for 15 minutes even if you used to be able to go for what seemed like forever. What I used to do was, pump myself up so much, I ran for 1.5 hours the first day back in the gym. The next day, I’d feel like I HAD to do at least 1.5 again. I wasn’t in the mood so I just never went until the next time I was super motivated. SO I realized, if I start with 10, it wont be so horrible, and I won’t feel too bad going out the next day as well.


3. Don’t give up!

Here’s my current addiction in music form:

What do you think?

AND also,

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Stay tuned,


D the Intern


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