Maybe you need new running shoes?

Montreal Nutrition is not just about private nutrition counseling. The dietitians here love to do workshops. Janna gives an ongoing weight loss group at Sante Kildare Rejuvinex and I regularly give talks at the Running Room clinics in Westmount.

I have been doing this since the store opened around 10 years ago. I love doing it because I have a captive audience that is there to improve their health and nutrition is part of that. The clinic leaders like Alex, Kelly and Pierre are fun and laid back. Their no pressure approach allows participants to reach their goals.

From the walkers to the learn to runs to the 5K, 10K and half marathoners’s groups I have plenty to say and teach about nutrition. However, the last time I was there the gang taught me something about running.

I have been running for exercise and for my sanity since 2007. I have done a couple of 5K races but I mainly run for cardio. Lately I have fallen into a routine of running for 30 minutes 3x/week followed by some strength training moves. I realize this is very old school but I like kickin’ it old school. New school would be strengthening exercises interspersed between high intensity cardio moves like jumping jacks, skipping or fast paced running.

After my last talk at the Running Room I complained to the staff that my old aches and pains were beginning to hinder my workouts. Chris, the manager, asked me when was the last time I changed my running shoes. I was like, I dunno maybe a year and a half ago. Chris said that aches and pains are usually a sign that new sneakers are needed. I told Chris that I didn’t believe that for 1 second and that it was all about marketing. I figured running shoe companies make up this stuff to keep people buying their shoes season after season. I also figured that with the new trend in running barefoot or with minimal support shoes my old sneakers were probably fine.

Chris and the gang kindly, and I mean very kindly, urged me to buy new sneaks. Being the frugal person that I am, I asked what they had on sale. Usually, people stick to the same runners they have but just purchase the most recent model. The Running Room keeps a record of all sneaker purchases by the client. Chris took a quick look into the system and noticed that I had bought Mizuno’s and Brooks in the past. He gave me a pair of Brooks Ravennas (last year’s model which was on sale) to try and I must say they felt pretty bouncy. I still wasn’t convinced that I needed a new pair but I bought them anyway and took them home. The next time I went for a run I decided to treadmill it to test out the new babies. I didn’t want to get them dirty. I put on one old running shoe and one new one. Holy Cow!!! Was I wrong. It was so clearly obvious that my old shoes were dead, finished, finito…..

The new ones are bouncy, light, very much molded to my feet and super comfortable.

I am impressed with these new runners but more impressed with Chris and his staff. These guys showed me total respect even with my faulty reasoning. They did not have that know it all kind of an attitude you find at some sports stores. Chris is kind and he and his staff are very customer oriented. They made me feel good, showed me shoes within my budget and never told me I had to buy the most expensive pair. They explained the problems with old sneakers and gently urged me to update mine.

This type of approach is the mission at this store. If you want to get into or back into shape or if you just need a dose of motivation, drop into the Running Room Westmount sign up for a clinic and you will see what I mean.





I was getting bored with my 30 minute runs so a good friend who happens to be a gym teacher recommended I run/walk.  I did 5 minutes and 5 minutes and went for over an hour.  I enjoyed myself immensely and had a great workout!


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