Nutrition is Health

Nutrition is health.  You cannot separate the two.  When I talk to people or write about nutrition I am only discussing health.

The corny catch phrase “you are what you eat” has become so ubiquitous it has lost it’s meaning.  Let’s examine it.  Why do we eat?  We eat to live.  If we didn’t provide food for ourselves our bodies would die.  Notice how I said “food”.  Food can be defined in many ways. Fruits and wild rice are food but so are chocolate and candy.  People can live off of foods with little nutritional value for years.  I suspect the quality of their lives would be less than what it is supposed to be.  It’s even possible that those who eat poorly don’t even know that lackluster way they feel is a direct result of what they put in their bodies.



To improve overall health, begin making small changes like replacing the 3pm coffee with a large glass of water. You will notice that blah feeling lifting.  Continue by replacing poor quality foods like highly processed snack bars with fruit and yougurt and watch your body transform.  Include more homemade meals into your week with less eating out and you will feel less bloated.  Try and reduce the total amount of sugar and sodium already in your diet.  These 2 nutrients in high quantities are bad for you.  Forget about numbers.  If you conscientiously cut back on foods with sugars (think pastries, cakes, granola bars, cookies and plain white breads) and stop adding salt over your meals you can achieve normal amounts.

Boosting hydration is the best quick fix there is to improving health.  Think water, tea and milk instead of endless cups of coffee and alcoholic beverages.  Actually, coffee drinking is better than drinking zero beverages.  Nothing beats good old water for improved kidney function and toxin removal.  Jazz up a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon or frozen raspberries!


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