Beer Tastes Good

Mmmm beer.  It reminds me of Homer Simpson.  I can’t remember drinking my first beer but I am sure I did not like it.  As an underage teenager I quickly learned the effects that beer could have on one’s self.  It intrigued me and I realized if I wanted to experience those effects I needed to get over my distaste for beer and learn to drink it.

Perhaps my intentions for developing a relationship with beer were dumb but nowadays I really love the taste of beer. In my university days I was big on local micro breweries.  My favorite was Belle Gueule. I am sure there was another one but oddly enough I can’t remember. Then I started drinking the European types and settled on red, Rickard’s Red!  If I ever find myself at a bar these days I opt for Sleeman.I know I have gotten boring.

Nutritionally speaking, there is nothing healthy about beer.  It contains calories derived from sugar alcohols which do not contribute to a healthy diet.  Consider beer a treat and not an everyday thing.  In fact, it’s worth reminding readers that the recommended daily intake for beer for women is a 12 ounce bottle and for men it’s 2 bottles.  Drinking more than recommended is associated with increase risk for many diseases.

A bottle of beer could set you back between 100-200 calories.  Not good if you are trying to watch the waistline.  Everybody has their vices.  Beer and alcoholic beverages are vices just like cheesecake, chips and chocolate.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again, everything in moderation is the way to go.

I truly do love the taste of beer but I don’t need the extra calories or the loopy feeling I get from drinking 1 bottle.  To most people, this will amount to blasphemy but keep in mind I do try to set an example.  I drink non-alcoholic beer. It tastes great and it costs me 50 calories a bottle.  Nothing beats a tasty non-alcoholic beer on a hot summer day hanging out with friends.


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