OMG Foodservice!!!!!!!!!

Dear Readers,

My life became very chaotic last year and one of the first things to go was blogging.  I love to write so I don’t know why I dropped the blog so easily.  

My interest in nutrition has completely shifted.  If you remember this post then you know how vast the field of nutrition is.

For many years I was a dietitian in private practice.  Then I did that, while working in the home-care department at the CLSC. Now I am working at the Richardson Hospital occasionally doing clinical nutrition but mostly doing Foodservice!!!!!

If any of my P.Dt. friends are reading this, then they are laughing. Foodservice was the most dreaded class at McGill and most of us nutrition students had never even heard of this when we registered to become clinical dietitians.

In order to run an institutional kitchen that provides food for many patients, staff and visitors you do need a foodservice manager that knows a thing or two about proper nutrition.  For some reason when we did our internships, the foodservice rotation was never fun.  This is what I was left with.  It never occurred to me that I would be good at it let alone work in this environment.


I have seen many kitchen staff and they are a tough group.  They have a difficult and physically demanding job where they are expected to work as a team.  The kitchen staff at the Richardson is one of the best groups of people I have ever seen.  Sure they complain, but deep down they know that the work they do is for the benefit of people that are unwell and need our care.  

I am back and I look forward to sharing more nutrition stuff with you.  



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