What should you eat?

There is so much nutrition information “out there” these days it’s hard t know what is right and what is wrong. I personally support research that is reputable and peer-reviewed. Read this to learn how guidelines are developed.

This phenomenon of ever-changing nutrition information has been going on forever.  It’s confusing and people feel like they don’t know what to eat.

Here is my advice:  Follow your gut. ……………………that’s a dietician joke! LOL……..hahahahaha

I think most people know on some level, what is healthy to eat regularly and what I call sometimes food.  The problem is that people often prefer the sometimes foods over the healthy ones.

Nutrition clue: Foodfood groupss that come in a box are sometimes foods.  Foods that don’t come in packages are all the time foods.

Avoid soft drinks, juice, chocolate milk, sugary coffee beverages, hot chocolate and drink water, water and more water.  Tea is great and coffee in moderation is fine.

Cooking from scratch is a nutrition gold medal.  It trumps everything else.  Singletons and families that take the time to regularly make homemade meals (no short cuts) will achieve a healthier diet in the long run!

F and V

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