Friday Finds: Maya Nachos

April 2010 024I have to
admit I was lazy today and I didn’t actively look for a Friday Find.  I just went into my pantry to see if there
was anything good.  Luckily I found a bag
of Maya Black Bean Nachos.  I love these
chips and so does everyone in my family and anyone who comes over.

April 2010 029The best
thing about them is they are made right here in Québec near the Jean Talon
market.  They have a variety of flavors
like jalapeño, lemon, plain and black bean. 
I like the last 2.  I love making
homemade refried beans and then covering the nachos with them. Then I add sautéed
peppers, corn and a bit of cheddar and bake at 400ºF for about 10 minutes.  These nachos also hold my homemade peach
salsa very well and my guacamole.

April 2010 031If you look
at the ingredients you can see there is not much to them except for corn, canola oil,
beans and spices.  The good news is the
sodium content is 5% of the daily value and there are 4 grams of fiber.  The bad news is there are 16 grams of fat,
mostly monounsaturated which is the good kind of fat, for 16 chips. That is
pretty high so beware.  16 chips will set
you back about 300 calories. 

April 2010 033These chips
are tasty but I don’t eat them everyday. 
I will make the aforementioned dishes about twice a month.  I will probably make my nacho dish in another
two weeks since I just polished off a bowl of this week’s Friday Find while I
was writing about it!