Friday Finds: Dessert Par Angela

July 2010 087
I was picking up some fruit
and vegetables at the local Fruiterie in deep Cote Saint Luc with my son Trevor
the other day.  Whenever we go in there,
he wants a chocolate chip muffin because his mother never bakes anything.  We were looking through the selection when I
came upon a new flavor zucchini, carrot and pineapple.  I picked it up and saw that it wasn't a house
muffin it was from a new supplier called Dessert Par Angela.  I looked at the ingredients and found them to
be what I would deem homemade.  I bought
a few of these muffins and ate one when I got home.  It was very moist, dense and with a hint of
sweetness.  All what you would expect
from a muffin made with whole wheat flour, fruit, vegetables and sweetened with
a bit of fruit juice and baked with a relatively small amount of oil.  In my opinion, this was a perfect
muffin. (Sorry no picture I ate it before I thought to photograph it)

July 2010 122
I tracked Angela down to a
small storefront in
Outremont.  It turns out this is the same Angela formerly
of Eatz Encore in
Westmount.  What intrigued me most about Angela is how
she created most of her recipes from scratch. 
In fact, they aren't even written down. 
She just knows how it goes. 
Baking is a science and generally speaking recipes are necessary to
create a fabulous end product.  It takes
some serious talent to bake without recipes. 
Angela said she wanted to make baked goods with healthy ingredients like
whole wheat flour.  She basically
experimented until she figured out which ingredients work well together.  It took a lot of patience and a lot of trial
and error.

July 2010 086
What I found in her store
was a plethora of home baked goodies and wonderful homemade salads.  I brought home a just out of the oven banana
chocolate chip loaf to Trevor's delight. 
I had to stop him from eating the entire thing.  Jason doesn't love chocolate (very weird) so he enjoyed the apricot-cranberry
cookie instead. 

Angela makes several fresh
salads every morning for the lunch crowd. 
I sampled the carrot-raisin, coleslaw and potato salad which I enjoyed
with my veggie hot-dog for supper.  I
picked up some cream cheese brownies, carrot cake and pecan pie.  Apparently, Angela specializes in pies but
was all sold out of the fruit ones by the time I got there.  I put those treats into the freezer to enjoy
at a later date with Richard or whoever might drop by.  Hint.

July 2010 105
Here's the thing, since I
hate baking but know I should provide my kids with wholesome treats in their
lunch box, this the alternative.  I am
happy to let someone else do the baking and include it in my weekly grocery
budget.  I would rather use my time to
focus on home cooked meals.  Angela's
treats are kid friendly and very traditional. 
However, if you prefer non-traditional, organic, and are not picky about
what you get perhaps you might like the folks at
Sweet Revenge. I do both.  I get a delivery every two weeks from those
guys and I supplement with baked good from Angela's.  Just remember these are treats.  Portion size is important and moderation is
the key. 

July 2010 093To get in touch with Sweet
Revenge click here. Angela delivers to 5 Saisons in Westmount, National in
Westmount, The Verdun Hospital, Quality Fruits in Cote Saint Luc or you can
drop by her store in Outremont at 1570 Van Horne.

Nutrition Confessions

Would you like a muffin by jencounter
I suck at baking. I have had more baking disasters then I
care to mention.   I have actually
scraped cream cheese for a cheese cake that flew out of my bowl and landed on
the floor, back into the bowl and served it. 
I have ruined homemade granola, cookies, cakes, icing, muffins, premade
challah dough and even rice Krispie squares. 
I tried to candy maple syrup once and it boiled over the pot, over the stove
and on to the floor.  I can’t properly
whip butter even with a Kitchenaid.

The reason why I am such a terrible baker is because I don’t
like following directions and have no patience. 
I also hate using more than one bowl. 
I really detest mixing the dry ingredients in one and the wet in another.  I enjoy making recipes up and not following
directions.  You can not do that with
baking.  It’s a science and everything
needs to be measured properly, put into the bowls in the correct order and
baked at the right temperature for the right amount of time.  As you can see, there is a lot places where
one screw up the recipe.

I really wish it weren’t this way.  I really want to be a baker.   I want
to make my own wholesome snacks for my children.
  I want to stop buying junk in little packages
for their lunch boxes.  My kids beg for
me to bake for them.  This winter I even
tried to become a half baker. I bought this muffin mix from Loblaws.  It’s reasonably healthy and fairly easy to
make.  But, after a few batches it became
boring and no one was eating them.

I know several people who are ‘bakers’.  They make wonderful homemade baked goods for
their kids effortlessly.
  I like going to
their houses. Unfortunately, we don’t get too many invites these days because
my kids devour all their homemade goodies.

In the olden days there was no such thing as store bought
baked goods.  Granted, women used to keep
house and part of their daily work was creating the family meal plan from
scratch.  Today it is all about
convenience and time saving techniques. 
I have grown up that way too.  My
mother worked and baked only on occasion. 
My grandmother didn’t work but also only baked on occasion. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies by jamieanne
Ironically, as I sit here writing this my kid just got
dropped off by my mother with a tin of homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
that she made.  From a nutrition
perspective, regularly eating a ton of baked goods will surely end up on your
waistline.  It’s all about moderation.  I just ate 2 of my mother’s cookies and
tossed the rest into the freezer.  I will
put them in my kid’s lunch boxes instead of those dreaded Bear Paws.

The question is, would you pay a premium to have someone else
bake for you?  I would! Stay tuned for
Friday and to find about a new supplier.   

Friday Finds: Sweet Revenge

April 2010 002 
It is no secret that I can’t bake.  I would prefer to eat home baked goods and
give them to my kids for snacks instead of all that processed crap.  But, it really pains me to bake.  That’s my dilemma, until recently.  About 6 weeks ago I got an email from a friend
of friend telling me about her friend’s new business.  It is called Sweet Revenge and it's a locally owned business which is great because I like supporting local ventures. Basically, every
two weeks they bake up a storm and then deliver delicious organic goods to a
few drop-off places around the city.  Brilliant,
I thought, sign me up.  The only caveat
is you get whatever they are baking that week. 
You do not have a choice. 

April 2010 006 
I admit I am not much of a risk taker but I figured how
bad can this be?  Someone else is doing
the baking and they are using wholesome ingredients so why not?  For $10 I get a brown bag filled with 6
items.  For an extra $4 I get a dozen
chocolate chip
cookies. This is the only item that is a constant on their menu.  Over the last 6 weeks I have received maple
and walnut muffins, raisin oatmeal cookies, date and cottage cheese buns
(delicious toasted and eaten with cheese) spice loaf, apple-strawberry crisp,
brownies and other stuff I am forgetting. As you can see from the ingredients
there are no preservatives so if you are not going to eat them right away, you
can toss them in the freezer.  With each order you will receive a printout of the ingredients.  The printout does not contain a nutrition label with serving size, calories, fat, sugar, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Remember, these are treats!  Just because they are homemade doesn’t mean
you can eat as much as you want.  They
still have calories and if you are watching your weight you need to consider
this.  They certainly are a better choice
than Rice Krispie Squares or a Trans fat bar I mean a snack bar. I must mention
that portion sizes for these items are smaller than what you will expect.  However, they are appropriately sized for
healthy eating purposes.  Starbuck’s
sized foods they are not.  I guess you
can have your cake and eat it too?!